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Statement by Florida Education Champions Related to 2022 Ballot Amendment Efforts in Authorizing Sports and Event Betting, Supplementing Educational Enhancement Trust Fund
"We are extremely encouraged by the level of support we saw from the more than one million Floridians who signed our petition and thank them for their efforts in wanting to bring safe and legal sports betting to Florida, while funding public education. While pursuing our mission to add sports betting to the ballot we ran into some serious challenges, but most of all the COVID surge decimated our operations and ability to collect in-person signatures. We want to thank our local Supervisors of Elections and staff members for their diligent work in verifying petitions. We will be considering all options in the months ahead to ensure that Floridians have the opportunity to bring safe and legal sports betting to the state, along with hundreds of millions of dollars annually to support public education."
About Florida Education Champions
Florida Education Champions is a political committee formed in June 2021 for the purpose of securing petitions in order to place a constitutional amendment on the November 2022 general election ballot. Specifically, this amendment authorizes sports and event betting at professional sports venues, pari-mutuel facilities, and statewide via online sports betting platforms, and if betting revenues are taxed, taxes must supplement the Educational Enhancement Trust Fund.